Players Respond (page 3)

I like that you can fight. - Donald

I like the way they modified chess. You can callin reinforcements - Hunter

I liked how you get to fight for your space. - Leon

Battling for the square. - Jessie

It was different than most games. - Julian

It's fun, complex and you really have to think. - Anthony

Very awesome! - Brandon

I like the combat element to chess.  It makes playing it more fun.  Like how you can use teamwork with the pieces in combat. - Nick

I like that you play it with someone who doesn't have to be a Chess master and that its possible to out power "traditionally" strong chess pieces with pawns. - Juan

I liked how it had rules from different games. - Steve

The game brings a very visceral feel to a commonly known staple bard game.  If chess is the oldest strat, this is a Hollywood retelling.  Loading on rooks brought a battlefield tactic to the classic wargame.  It was balanced and fair.  - Frank.

Very balanced, great mix between chance and strategy. - Justin

The grouping mechanic is interesting. - Eric

I liked the loading and unloading of pieces and healing pieces. - Kyle

I liked that you could move three people in one square. - Jonathan

The simplicity of chess and the complexity of a wargame. - Mason

You can use rules to create many endless strategies.  (My favorite was) giving pieces attributes. - Jason

(I liked) the fantasy aspect (of the game) and stacking pieces. - Nathan

Quick, easy to learn if you've played chess.  I liked the multiple pieces in the square. - Gary

The addition of extra moves (carrying ability) and rules makes you think and concentrate more.  Also the pieces have more of a fighting chance to survive a stronger piece. - Betty

The strategy of this game was more intense. - James

I like the elements/concepts of chess kept within the alternative concept.  And the pawn bombardiers. - Gary

The thing I enjoyed most was the strategy involve, then killing stuff.  Different strategy game.  I liked the fantasy aspect. - Frank

(I liked) the multiple units ganging up and the effectiveness of the king in battle - Mike

I liked how creative it was and that it made you think really hard.   If you are a really good chess player it makes you think even harder than real chess.  That makes the game very interesting.  I like the way the knights fought on the Charge Attack. - Garret

I like the idea of hit points and healing pieces and multiple pieces in a square. - Daniel

Interesting concepts.  Puts a whole new spin on the game. Its not chess; its fun though. - Geof

(I like) that you didn't just die the first time you were hit. - Dan

The same mobility as chess gives the player a sense of familiarity to base his strategies on. The additional rules for the pieces are appropriate and complimentary to the traditional movement rules.  Carrying units ability of the rooks and knights (was my favorite.) - Gabriel

It adds many new elements of risk and chance.  I like the little chance factor, but keeps the chess strategy.  And the combat; I like the twist of hit points. - Brian

The variety of actions and maneuvers that the pieces can be used for.  Adds an interesting expansion to the chess rules. Combat (was my favorite). - David

Nice use of old chess into a new fantasy game. Its fun; not too complicated.  - Stephen

Diversity, challenge, skill required.  Easy to learn, Very Fun. - Jodi

Love dice and battle combination; ability to move into friendly squares; fun to play and converse.  Charge attack (was my favorite). - Kevin

Different movement, different strategies, more ways to win and combat is exciting. - George

I liked the combat and the way you could carry troops with the knights and rook. - Erich

Very Fun, like chess, but you have to damage your opponent. - Anon

I like the role playing. - Steve

I think it is a fabulous idea to bring more action into a chess game. - Eddie

(I liked) the way that it is mostly like chess, but with battle sequences. - Cathy

It was cool to fight for the squares. Its better than regular chess.  Instead of just move and take, it was move, Fight, KILL! - Amber

I like everything about this game.  Its gameplay is simple and its fun to play. - Velbert

It was more difficult to have an opponent kill you.  (I liked) the fighting part. - Zachary

The strategy's involved.  I also thought that the healing and multiple unit moves were a good addition to chess. - Jon

Its pretty creative and gives more personality to the figures.  A nice alternative to regular chess game. (My favorite) was the healing of the queen and bishops. - Christine

(I liked) the randomness of taking spaces.  Combat really makes it fun! - Jerome

The whole concept of fighting for a square intrigues me.  I also like how you can have more than one piece in a square.  Combining classical chess with a chance value makes it more exciting.  I like the reinforcing aspect. - Wayne

(I liked) the different armor levels for different characters; the ability of the knights and rooks to carry pieces; the healing ability.  But my favorite aspect is the whole basic idea, that you can have the "lesser" pieces fighting (and beating) the power pieces! - Sharon

Aggressive play style pays.  The combat adds a great dimension to the game of chess. It's exciting to have a space in jeopardy rather than just taking or losing it.  Also more fun to kill the king than to checkmate him. - Talbert

I loved the fact that you could battle and gang up on enemies and that you can attack the king directly (as opposed to checkmate). - Henry

The Combat! - Mike

(I liked) the familiarity and the pace. - Michael

I liked that you got to battle for your piece instead of just losing it. - Ryan

I liked the creativity, (the look of the different pieces) and how much strategy it takes, but at the same time its chance because its a roll of the dice.  I like how you have to use every weapon at your disposal to defeat your opponent and the flexibility of the game (how when you move into an enemy square its not an automatic kill, but an actual engagement).  The different rules make it almost like an actual battle with the players as generals. - Andrew

I liked the "pawn grenade." - Keith

It has good battle techniques and versatility.  Everything I always wanted to do in chess, i.e. Bash The King. - David

Strategy was chesslike; brings element of miniatures combat into play.  Neat combo.  - Bill

Random element with a lot of strategy based on chess,  which is a familiar element.  Blowing up the rook's armor (was fun.)  Liked the wood blocks which identified the piece. - David

I enjoyed the added tactical level of combat.  I also like the potential to expand into different realms (like fantasy creatures, special abilities, terrain) - Brian

Its chess, with more strategy. - Mario

The addition of random chance introduces an intriguing element of uncertainty.  While strategy and tactics play a major role, the use of dice makes sudden, unexpected reversals of fortune possible, thereby leaving the outcome in doubt until virtually the final move. 

Since multiple pieces can occupy the same square, melee style combat reminiscent of FRPGs are seamlessly integrated into classic chess concept.- David

(The best thing i liked) was the multiple pieces in a single square. - Ken

(My favorite) aspect was that the queen can kick someone out of combat. - Steven

I really liked the fact that combat is unpredictable.  I liked the rook "shell" aspect and carrying.   Tactics abound! - Bobby

COMBAT! - David

Because you have to fight for the square. - Jake

(I liked) the introduction of new strategies due to allowing more than one piece in a square. I really liked carrying pieces - Ted

Its a very fun and original game idea.  It introduces an element of luck that chess didn't have before. - Rebecca

The single aspect I liked best was combat for taking each square. - Jose

The thing I liked about the game is how you can play war. - Simon

(I liked) the design and fantasy characters with battle moves. - David

I think it is a fabulous idea to bring more action into a chess game.  This is a really, really fun game.  - Addie

This new game is more forgiving and it adds a new element of strategy.  Very well done!  - Justin

John Muir Middle School's Chess Club 

    "Which Aspect Of The Game Was Your Favorite?"

            War!  (R.H.);  The fighting system.  (S.B.);

            The figures.  (J.K.);  You have Health [hit points.]  (S.Z.);

            You can battle! (D.A.);  Battling! (A.S.)


What Zombie Chess players have to say...

I really liked that there was infection. - Jack

The fact that different pieces actually had different strengths. - Marty 

I liked the theme of zombies and the die rolling to hit. - Mark

The zombie infection and the fact that the stats for the zombies are different than for humans. - Terran

The "turning/infection" mechanic and The Zombie King controlling other pieces works well. - Arthur

(I enjoyed) allowing multiple units in a square. - BrianThe multiple strategy layers... and post combat discovered checks. - Mike