Players Respond (page 2)

I like wargames and chess separately; Fun to try them together - Dan

(I loved) the twist - Michael

It adds new dimensions to chess and it plays great and looks great - Wendy

I liked that you had to roll dice to fight for a square - Emerson

It put an interesting spin on traditional chess - Travis

The game has a lot more depth than traditional chess, playing less one dimensionally.  I enjoyed the random elements where even against superior units, pawns could come out on top - Dylan

The war tactics, so basically (I like) all of it - Dominic

The bonus of adding war mechanic to a classical game (was cool) - Matt

(I liked) the addition of chance to a game where, normally, there is almost none.  And my king repeatedly punching the other king. - Myles

I like the randomness that the dice add and the idea of a 4player game - James

The Combat System (was great) - Alan

(I love the aspect of) Customization - Jason

Love the game and idea.  Could potentially turn into a household name - Blake

Easy Rules; Tactics beyond basic chess; possibilities of aggressive strategies; ease of combat - Jeremiah

Fun fantasy strategy elements and multiple combat - Andrew

(I liked the) role-playing aspect - Jake

Battle for Victory! - Gilbert

The pace was excellent.  The new rules allow for an aggressive strategy and stacking of pieces on single spaces - Aaron

(I liked) the whole Hitpoint/Armor system - David

I enjoyed the Statistical validity of the dexterity roles and the roleplaying aspect of the piece - Roc

Its a different take on familiar mechanics... Interesting concept - Alex

New ideas to a classic game - Richard

Traditional chess strategies took a new twist - Michael

(I liked) simply everything, especially Doubling up the attacks - James

I enjoyed the combat phase with multiple attacks - Ben

The ability to stack pieces in combat (was my favorite) - Daniel

Adding another strategy level to an already strategic game.  Having dice adds luck and evens the play between advanced players and novice players - Carl

It allowed me to be more risky and has a respect of the old rules while adding depth with combat - Josh

I loved it...The extra bit of strategy with the battle aspect - Nate

(This was a) creative spin on chess - Katherin

(I liked) The random aspect that can undue the best laid strategy - Rob

The use of chess tactics, the addition of combat phase and multiple pieces in one square - Mike

I liked the multiple people square combat and the plastic stat sheets - Mike

Cool concept...Liked the new rules & battle system - Ryan

It was a cool new level to playing the game (of chess) - Ezra

It added an extra element to classc chess to make it more fun - Henry

Blend or chess and wargames - Jake

Multiple units in one space - Erich

Its like chess, but better OR its miniatures without the rulers and excessive cost - Randy

Multiple pieces per square and hitpoints - Jonathan

Strategy with twist on chess - David

Mix of Move and Combat (makes it) not your parents chess - Michael

(I like) that pieces have hitpoints - Nick

Fun twist on chess.  Battle changes strategy. - Chris

Combat dice rolling adds an element of luck - Jen

It had more realistic battle - Romel

COMBAT! - Travis

(I liked) assisting pieces in battle - Robert

Multiple pieces on one square and the kings can fight - James

Its Chess on Crack! - Michael

Multiple strategy layers where yo can discover check from post combat (positions) - Mike

Interesting notion of battles on squares involving several pieces - Robert

Fast paced and fun...rooks kick butt - Brent

(Its a) battle system (with) rook armor and pawn abilities - Nicole

I liked how it makes chess new and fun and adds a random factor - Hadrian

I enjoyed the fact that the combat rule changes level the playing field - beginners could have a fairer fight against more seasoned players because of the added probability and new tactics.  The ability to bring in "reinforcements" into a combat (was my favorite aspect). - Tim

An interesting twist on classic chess.  - Nathan

The game expands on chess, adding a new layer of fun strategy. - Allan

The combat procedures, strategic concepts, novel integrations...  I liked the game as it was presented.  There were enough exceptional rules but not too many.  Its a complex theory without being overwhelming. - Daniel

(I liked) a lot of things like the healing, combat, armor, hit points, stacking. - Ehven

Chance (I like a small amount), movement, unit stacking and multi-unit combat. - Gavin

Deep strategy - Jim

Creative and innovative variation of chess - Jack

I liked the inclusion of a combat system to chess.  What a nifty idea. - Avalon

Adds new strategy to the game in a very interesting way.  Possibly the best "fighting" chess variant I have seen. - Eric

Its pretty chess-like and seems like a good game. - Arthur

Multiple pieces in one space and fighting it out to decide who gets the square instead of just taking the piece. - Sandra

enjoyed the RPG (style) setting of Fantasy Chess.  - Jacob

You were able to Fight for the Square that the opponent was in, rather than just getting knocked out. - Kezia

Fun spin on chess.  The ability to have multiple pieces in same square and the Rank system adds depth. - Mark

This fulfills a long time fantasy of doing something awesome with a mundane chess set. - Kyle

Its chess, but with stats and battles. - Alex

I enjoy the intricacy.  It adds a new twist to an old favorite. - Jennifer

I find the combat system enjoyable.  It adds variety and dimension to the Game.  Most of my friends RPG; they would love it. - Jeff