Players Respond

What Fantasy Chess players have to say...

Enjoyed battle ops over generic chess rules - Gail

I liked that creatures and not statues - Greggory

Combat rolls make an interesting addition - Gary

My favorite was the flexibility of the rules - Darrien

It combined D&D with chess and the ability to mount - Kevin

I liked how Fantasy Chess combined combat and chess - Tyler

Additional strategic and tactical elements integrated well with traditional chess rules; the additional layers to strategy due to being able to move into occupied squares - Dustin

I enjoyed the way the new rules add an extra dimension to play.  The statistics are vey well balanced.  There is an addition of the the element of chance - Casey

I liked how there were so many ways to win - I never felt doomed even when I was losing.  I loved fighting and the creative rules which really broadened out regular chess - Marianne

It was the combat I liked.  The number of pieces doesn't matter since its up to luck if you win a fight -Nathaniel

I like that it was chess but you need to use more strategy - Will

It added a D&D feel to chess which was awesome- Austin

I liked the Dex and Armor things in combat - Zander

There are lots more options than traditional chess.  I enjoyed the healing aspect and the combat - Margo

The familiarity of chess combined with RPG format; the combat stages is my favorite - Chris

It is a very fun variant of chess.  The rules make sense and the special abilities are straightforward - Dan

The overall, more interesting stat mechanics... and the miniatures - Joey

(I liked) the added strategy and abilities - Dylan

I like how it feels like chess and a role-playing game - Ronald

I liked that it took the original game of chess and put a spin on it.  Also that you can transport pieces - Robert

Interesting changes to the old rules - Rio

Plays like a wargame and the variety of piece strength/weakness - Duncan

I liked the flexibility of the rule system - Sean

I enjoyed the fantasy aspect:  Moving and carrying, healing - Cassie

Multiple piece combat was my favorite aspect - Nick

It's a better version of the game of chess - Mark

It's like D&D & chess - Josh

Fights! -Johnny

I liked the strategyin battle and rooks and knights able to transport pieces. - Patrick

That It is based on strategy AND luck is awesome - Alex

It was a great new way to play chess and the combat system was nicely balanced - Derek

This is an awesome D&D-like additionto chess - Austin

It was a creative, refreshing version of chess and I liked the Combat Square system - James

Allowing pieces to be in the square together (was my favorite part) - Griffin

The involved battle system keeps players engaged and accurately plays to each piece's strength.  Loads of fun! - Allison

Exciting, with a lot more planning - Kegon

It adds chance and layers of strategy to a classic game - Sean

The element of chance lends a bit of fairness to standard chess which could potentially be one-sided against novice players - Anthony

I liked the fact that though very like classic chess, it had different aspects which made it move.  Fun to play and easy for people who aren't huge chess-players - Emma

Familiar chess rules but with RPG combat elements; Fun mix-up - Peres

Strategic play style beyond normal chess - William

Great balance.  Emphasis on importance of every piece.  Experience building in tournaments (is neat) - Vinnie

Lot less heavy on full strategy - Heather

It was a nice adaption of a classic game.  It gave a bit of excitement with the random element of dice rolling - Sean

(I enjoyed) the healing ability and the fighting aspect was a plus - Veronica

I found it a remarkable new challenge.  I greatly appreciate its complexity and creativity - Travis

The added rules makes the game more competitive - Austin

Flashpoints across the board; it gave depth to the  game - Patrick

I like how its got multiple skills, luck and strategy - Joseph

The mechanics make sense.  Well Balanced! - Shane

Pawns aren't just cannon fodder - Adam

I liked the aspect of chance in the game - Karlina

It was a cool twist on the original game, and the special rules added to the idea of combat in the square.  I liked how each piece had its own values for dex, armor and HP - Austin

Fun and challenging twist to an old game - Jessica

(I liked) the added abilities and strategic possibilities - Johns

Added variety and D&D feel to the game - Devin

Fun new fight mechanics... good premise - Julian

(Favorite) was the ability for piece on piece action - Ryan

New take on chess, requires more thinking - Alex

Dice roll Combat (was my favorite aspect.) That combat determines if a piece is wounded, but not necessarily gone - Ellen

It was creative - Finn

I liked how there was some chance mixed into the old chess game - Mark

(It adds) confusion and chaos to a normal chess game; its refreshing and weird - Tom